Here is the calendar for the rest of 2016-2017. calendar-2016-2017

Being involved in a worship service focus day.
Practical advice handout from the day: involvement in Church services

Online content:
Bible Reading
Ten tips for reading Scripture in public worship. Calvin Institute
How to read the Bible aloud. Matthais Media
3 Big ideas and 7 tips on how to read the Bible in church. go there for.

Thirteen tips for leading the congregation in prayer. The Gospel Coalition.
Leading Prayers in Church. Prayer Guide
Leading Public Prayer. Simply Bible

10 Steps to Picking Songs for Your Worship Service. Share Faith Magazine
Choosing Songs for Worship. Worship Blog
Leading Congregational Singing. uua
Getting your church to sing: do’s and don’ts. Worship Leader

Involving Children
Including kids in worship. Ministry Matters
10 Tips to involving children and young people in the local church. The Good Book
How to Involve Kids in Genuine Worship. Group Children’s Ministry Magazine

5 questions to unpack a Bible passage to preach. Ron Edmondson
Let your congregation preach the sermon next Sunday. Church in a Circle

Spiritual Gifts Focus Day.
Personality and Spiritual Gifts teaching material. personality-and-gifts
Spiritual Gifts Test. spiritual-gifts-test-28
Information on Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator. personality-styles-myers-briggs
Four Temperaments Personality types information. four-temperaments

Online Resources:
Online Myers-Briggs test with excellent feedback, a couple of different words to describe characteristic 16 Personality Test
Online four temperaments test Personality testing
Online test for four temperaments, with some good info on each type Four Temperaments test

Spiritual Gifts
Online test United Methodist Church
Online test, and information about the gifts Spiritual Gifts Test
Luther seminary – on 1 Corinthians 12:1-31 Enter the Bible

Kid Pastor Spiritual Gifts Kid Pastor

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