Lectionary Resources

Lectionary Resources

Uniting Church in Australia
The Text This Week
Lectionary based lists of commentary, worship resources, art, movies, clipart, children’s stuff all linked
“Together to Celebrate”
A huge collection of lectionary indexed hymns and contemporary songs for worship curated by David McGregor
A video about every book of the Bible
The Work of the People
Visuals for Worship from different traditions, perspectives and for different ages
Small Church Music
mp3 audio file search and download for a variety of songs including those in “Together in Song”
Songs That Unite
Artists sharing new songs from across the Uniting Church in Australia
Seasons of the Spirit
Lectionary based creative worship/exploration resources
All Worship
Contemporary Worship Music
Uniting Women Music 2014
Oremus Hymnal
Lectionary linked suggestions
The Billabong Jeff Shrowder
Liturgy and Hymn suggestions
Singing from the Lectionary
Hymn suggestions
Uniting in Worship 2
Available through Mediacom

Mustard Seed
Contemporary multi-­generational ideas for worship
Bill Loaders First Thoughts
Lectionary thought starters
David Beswick
From Victoria with liturgy, music etc
Liturgies Online
Moira Laidlaw
Laughing Bird
Liturgical resources
Collected resources
Hold This Space
A treasury of alt.worship and creative stuff
Alternative Worship
A guide/primer
Bruce Prewer
Jonny Baker blog
Proost UK
Video, liturgy and artistic resources for worship

Worshiphouse Media
The Work of the People
Wingclips http://www.wingclips.com
Damaris Tools for Talks
Tools for Movie Discussion

ReThink Worship
Ethos, ideas etc
Small Ritual
Steve Collins detailing some London ‘Grace’ and other alt.worship events/ideas
UCA Assembly Extra Resources
Desperate Preachers

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